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Ask For The Sale

Ask for the Sale from the moment you meet.

Several years ago I read about a very wealthy American businessman who bought a multi million dollar insurance policy.
There’s a decent commission attached to that sort of policy.

One of his fellow Club Members was a successful and well to do Insurance Salesman and when he heard about the policy his nose was put somewhat out of joint.

When he asked “Why didn’t you buy from me?”

The reply was short and to the point.  “You didn’t ask me!”


Be Sales Subtle

I don’t mean bluntly demanding your customer to buy but I do mean sell from the start.

I do mean start with a successful selling attitude in the clear knowledge that your product or service will add value to yo0ur customer.

I do mean expect to gain the sale – after all you should have qualified the customer has the authority and means to buy.

You must keep your customer focussed on the sale and don’t get distracted.

Set yourself clear discussion boundaries and keep the dialogue withing those boundaries.
If you get outside them you will lose the sale.


You’ve probably heard of “trial closes”.

They do work because every time you get agreement the customer is one step closer to buying.

Every time you get a disagreement you learn that you haven’t answered a question.  Ask more questions and remove the obstacles or show why they are not deal breakers and that even with them the customer will be better off.

I’ve watched many salesmen over the years and seen many deals lost because they didn’t ask for the sale even though they used trial closes and had a great chance of helping the customer.

For many people asking for the money is taboo.

If you have a great product then asking for the sale and the money shouldn’t be a problem.

If you don’t the bloke next door with an inferior product probably will.


Selling is Serving

Selling is not about manipulating people to buy stuff they don’t want.  That’s unethical and just being a con-artist.

Selling is about delivering solutions to peoples problems with products and services that will help them.

Serve your customers and they will serve you more customers in return.

Increase Sales Turnover

How Many Ways Do You Know To Increase Sales Turnover $’s?

Have you ever wondered just how to get increased sales and more dollars flowing through your business?

Cash flow is the lifeblood of a business and without an increasing turnover many businesses struggle to grow.

Have you ever been there hoping the sales $’s come in just in time to pay the wages and rent or know someone who has?

It’s not a pretty place to be, uncomfortable and even frightening.

I know for many businesses there is a simple, although often feared, solution to increasing turnover and growing a better cash flow.

increase sales turnover

How to Increase Sales


There are  only four ways to increase turnover in a business.

What exactly is turnover?

Turnover is the amount of money generated by a business from its sale of goods and services.

The first way to increase turnover is to simply raise the price of your goods and services.

This can be a very challenging thought for many.

How do you feel about raising your prices?

Later you’ll see a tip that can make customers readily accept a higher price.

The amount of increase before your business starts to lose sales depends on your market and the price elasticity (that’s one of those nasty economics terms) of your product or service.  Basically it means how much your customers will accept price increases before they stop buying.

If you have a high demand product with little competition or potential for customers to substitute it for another then your price rises can be quite high and certainly will lead to increasing sales $’s through your door.

On the other hand if there is a lot of competition and alternative products or services that could be substituted for your offerings then your capacity to raise prices and increase turnover will be limited and challenging.

Modelling Price Increases Impact on Turnover

Before you jump in and start making changes to your prices you should model the impact on your sales.  We do this to be more comfortable turnover will increase (although nothing can be guaranteed) before testing and measuring.

This can be done using fairly simple spreadsheets and after gathering some market information (a bit of research)  you’ll be able to work out the appropriate assumptions to use in your model.

You’ll need a marketing strategy too.
How will you present this to your customers as being fair and even better value to them?
You don’t want to increase sales revenue at the long term cost to your business and reputation.

Drivers for this Strategy

Often the reason or driver to do this is to improve your business profitability making life a little easier for you.  Sometimes its driven by necessity to meet cash flow needs.  You achieve your goal because each unit sold has a higher Gross Profit  (or contribution margin) which helps pay off your overheads faster leaving more money in the kitty for you.  Sound good to you. Doesn’t it?

The contribution margin is the profit on each sale after deducting all direct costs of the sale and it is this margin that is applied to covering all indirect costs or overheads.
(See my YouTube Video Contribution Margin and Break Even Analysis)

Another reason may be to reduce demand if your productive capacity is being challenged.
This usually slows unit sales, if the price rise is high enough, while maintaining profitability.

That’s it for this post and in the next articles on Increasing Turnover we’ll look at more challenging and sophisticated ways to increase turnover in a business.

If you’ve found this interesting please share it with your friends and associates who might also benefit.

Think about it. Is it better to share this piece and pieces like this than to discover later that someone you know could have used the information?

If you have ideas about increasing turnover, getting your sales dollars up, then add some comments too.

Oh just one final thing -
You might find it easier to raise your prices than you think by using some marketing triggers to give your products and service a premium value in the market and, by now, I hope you feel I can help you with that so why not Contact me for a chat.

Stonewalling Customers

Have you ever faced stonewall customers?

You know the ones that never make a decision and procrastinate using every excuse they can not to make a decision or take an action.

How do you cope with their stonewall tactics?

stonewall tactics procrastination
There are strategies for stonewalling  but whether or not you employ them will depend on the value of the sale.

Some transactions are just not profitable enough to take the time and effort to overcome stalling tactics.
In other words – drop the customer and find someone who wants the product or service at the price and time you can afford.

For example if you’re selling a service that will generate a low cash flow and small profit – Gross $100 Net Profit $35 you really need to consider the time you or your business spends trying to get the sale.  That $35 net profit will dissipate very quickly in wages lost through the time taken to manage the deal and win the sale.

If the profit on the sale was significant (for your business) or lifetime value of the customer was much higher then your additional investment could well be worthwhile.

Why do they employ stonewalling tactics?

  • Perhaps they want to drive a hard deal and see this as a power play.
  • Maybe they just don’t understand the value in the deal.
  • Is it a lack of trust and rapport?
  • It could be they just really don’t want the deal but don’t know how to say “NO”.

This is where you as a responsible and professional salesperson really have to evaluate their situation and take a walk in their shoes to understand what they are doing and why.

Sales is all about satisfying your customers needs and desires.
Needs are logically satisfied and desires are emotionally satisfied.  People buy on emotion and justify with logic on the basis of need.

Let me illustrate this for you –

A man came into a hardware store for a quarter inch masonry drill bit.
What was he buying?
If you said “a quarter inch hole in some masonry” – Give yourself a Tick.
If you added “so he can feel satisfied or happy or relieved or … when he’s done the job” – Go to the top of the class.

He was buying a solution to his problem – he needed a quarter inch hole in some masonry and until he had the right equipment he was feeling some emotion like frustration that he was unable to complete the task.
He was probably also  thinking ahead and about the feelings he would have when the job was completed.
He was driven by his emotions (yes you can even get emotional over a drill bit) – emotions triggered by his need.

Stonewall clients can be a challenge but if you look into their situation you have a better chance of determining whether or not you can add value to their world.

The smart salesperson would be asking what he was doing and how the drill bit would help him before diving into the technical attributes (if even at all).
Present the solution- “Hey I’ve got just what you want and it’ll have that hole in that brick before you know it”.

Want to better understand how your customers buy now and how to use and overcome stonewalling customers tactics  then contact us here at Local Mobile Internet Marketing with your query and we’ll be in touch with you.


Selling with Stories

 Selling With Stories

By Chris Stanton-Cook

Don’t leave money on the table by not understanding how to weave a great story around your products and services.

From time to time we all have a problem that we don’t fully understand or know how to solve.  We need to find someone who can give us a solution to that problem.

People who can speak well and engagingly build relationships and trust and really don’t have to sell because customers choose to buy from them.

Think about the last time you had a problem.
You weren’t sure what you needed to solve that problem.
Remember that time and go back there and see what you saw, listen to the sounds and revisit those feelings you had while uncertain about what to do.
As you do this you’ll probably feel a little uneasy now as you did at the time.
All you want is for someone to take away that pain and pressure you’re experiencing.

Probably at sometime you’ve been to a beach or a forest, remember, and that’s a great way to clear those unpleasant thoughts you have just recalled.

Later your problem was solved and revisit the time when the solution was delivered and again see what you saw, hear what you heard and feel all those nice feelings of having ridden yourself of that problem.
Feels pretty good now, doesn’t it.

Let’s look at what most likely happened between recognition of the problem and  delivery of the solution.

You’ll have been told stories about the way the solution will help you as it has others before you.
Often these stories are designed to agitate you even further before you are given examples of people who have been down this path before you and how they were once again happy and satisfied because they problem they faced had been removed or significantly lessened.

Engagement in the Story

You’ll have become engaged in the tale.  The language used will have driven your emotions and the more that happens the deeper you become emotionally involved.
This is the mark of a good story teller.  They are able to move your feelings from concern (or worse) to a sense of satisfaction and well-being.

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A great sales story

You’ll have purchased your solution with little thought about the actual product you were buying because you knew inside you that you’d feel good.  You’ll have purchased the solution based on emotion and not rationally.  Psychologists tell us that you’ll rationalise the purchase later and that’s really easy to do if you have been well served because your problem will have been solved.

Weave an emotional tale

To be able to weave a tale and engage your audience is a skill that makes the difference between engaging with your customers or, in the worst case, boring them out the door of your business.

This is a similar flow to the AIDA marketing formula (Attention-Interest-Desire-Action) but I see it more as IADA ( Identification – Agitation – Diffuse and Desire – Action) and now there is much more use of carefully chosen language patterns and physiology in the mix, (if you are interested in this subject learn the basics of NLP short for Neuro Linguistic Programming).


This post has been inspired by what I have learned from Pete Godfrey, otherwise known as the Wizard of Words.  Pete is a master storyteller and I highly recommend you look him up and discover how to weave words and get some great business building tips from Pete’s Blog.  I know that smart people read my posts so I’d like to think that  you like me will invest in his monthly Newsletter, last time I looked it was $347 a year (less than $1 a day) and I’m already champing at the bit for the March edition.  (I am not an affiliate and get nothing but the satisfaction of knowing I have given readers a great tip and introduced those who don’t know him to someone worth listening to).

These skills can be used face to face, in emails, on your website, in social media and anywhere you get the chance to promote your business.

Unlock Your Local Market Lock In Your Customers

There is a key that will unlock your local market and lock in your local customers

When you use some or all of the 5 tools of marketing you can access this key for your business.

Trust, relationship marketing, local marketing

The Key and the Tools

Local Market Money Spinners

Local Marketing Your Local Business

Now you can discover the many options available to you to market your local business.

In my short book “Local Market Money Spinners” , now available on Amazon, you will find you have so many ways to market your business that you’ll never run out of options.

In summary the book covers how you define your market in terms of your customers and yourself, five different modes of marketing and finally a brief guide on planning your marketing program.

I have written the book in an informal way to ensure that it is not technical and full of jargon and is something that local business owners can put to use.

Here is an excerpt from the introduction –

The lifeblood of any business is a steady flow of customers delivering a strong cash flow.

 There are only four ways that any business can increase its turnover. These are

  • increase price
  • increase the number of customers
  • increase the value of the sale
  • increase the frequency of sales

 In this guide it is my intention to offer a variety of ways in which small businesses can
become valuable members of their local community and sought-after suppliers in the
local market. 

 The Local Business Marketing Content

The book starts with a definition and discussion about local markets and how you should look at a number of factors that will impact on your business.

Self evaluation is vital when in business and here you will learn about yourself and how you will relate to your market.  Better to know your strengths and weaknesses before you open yourself to your customers and their demands and needs and wants.

It is then time to take a look at why you set up or are going to set up your business and how to discover or find your niche.  It’s becoming evident that specialisation is the way of the future in this economy and if you can find a profitable niche you’ll be untouchable by the big players.

Building a customer base is where you will gain some insights and your first view of the five main areas available to local business operators to build a strong relationship with the community and become a trusted and sought after supplier.



The main areas covered are


            • Referrals
            • Networking
            • Media
            • The Internet and Mobile
            • Advertising


To wrap up I look briefly at two marketing models and then a short guide to planning a marketing program.


You Must Have A Marketing Plan

A plan is essential so that you can gain maximum feedback from your program. The plan tells you what you want to achieve and how you’ll do it. You can then set measures and tracking points to test if everything is going to plan and what you may need to change or tweak.
This could be the best $4.99 (USD) you ever spent for your local business.

If you read and like the book then watch this site for dates of upcoming webinars supporting the content of the book. These are due to start in July and will be presented by, the training site for my business development work.

So why not Click the ad and get yourself a copy, and just imagine what would happen if your got one great idea from the book now.

No Kindle?  – No Problem!
If you don’t have a Kindle you can download the free app and read it on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone (just search Amazon for “Free Reading Apps” and select the one appropriate for your device.

Website planning

5 Great Reasons to plan your website before building

  1. Understand why you need the website and its core needs. 
  2. Know what you goals are so your site supports these. 
  3. Enables you to plan progression from concept to completion. 
  4. Monitoring of progress as the content is delivered. 
  5. SEO can be built in as you go. 
  6. An extra one – greater efficiency and effectiveness.

TrafficTravis authors tips on 2012 SEO

2012 SEO tactics to keep up with Google

I received an email this morning from the Traffic Travis team about 2012 SEO tactics.
Here is a paragraph from that email –

“One of our SEO expert staff members, Jason, has written a detailed blog post on the topic of how to boost your search engine visibility in 2012.”

It is a great article and one I, and my clients, will benefit from.
Here is a link for you.

2012 SEO Article

or copy and paste to your browser –

SEO is always a contentious area with many theories about how it is best done.

My experience has been that relevance of content and organic backlinks from a wide variety of topic related sites and having a site which links internal pages well works best.

Now social media are being brought into the equation and this will require a significant change in approach for many – especially the power it seems Google Plus and YouTube have to affect rankings.

I’m concentrating on Local business sites and using them in conjunction with mobile marketing have a powerful resource to offer. In 2012 SEO will continue to be a major aspect of the services offered.


Delivery of great page rankings in your local market remains imminently achievable.
Take up you position now because in a year or two it will be so much harder to rank with increasing competition moving into the web every day.


Discover our local marketing services
In 2012 SEO needs to be taken very seriously and that’s what local mobile internet marketing services is all about


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