Slater and Gordon

Solicitors in Logan City – 3 Convenient locations
Providing Specialist Legal Services in a Range of Practice Areas.

Shop 3 46 Bryants Rd
Shailer Park QLD 4128
(07) 33592448

Shop 104 Logan Hyperdome
Cnr Pacific Hwy & Bryants Rd Loganholme QLD 4129
(07) 38012471

Grand Plaza Shopping

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Conveyancing Only

Conveyancing Services to Logan City and beyond.

15 Burow Rd
Waterford West QLD 4133
(07) 3200 4794

Call us if You are Selling or Buying a property.
Conveyancing is our business and your property transaction will be smoothly handled by us.
Our fees are highly competitive, our services

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Carter Capner Law

Solicitors Serving Logan City
5/7 Grand Plaza Drive
Browns Plains QLD 4118
1300 529 529

Carter Capner Law is a well established and respected Law Firm offering services to keep you ahead of the law and in

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We Mow Lawns

Lawn Mowing Services to Logan
Contact: 0411 875050 to book your cut.

Don’t sweat over your lawn mowing.  We do it for you.

Lawns mowed, your choice of mulching, composting or removal of cuttings.
Fast service for clean and tidy gardens and yards.

Renting – Property inspections

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Writing a Directory Listing

How to write an appealing business listing for Logan City Directory
Writing a directory listing that will engage readers
Writing any promotional material can be difficult for most business owners and here we’ll share some tips that should make you more appealing to visitors to your

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AAA Carbody Removals

Logan, Brisbane and South East Queensland.

CALL: 0411 346 446

We pay Cash for old Cars, 4WDs and other vehicles.

Discover how of dispose of your old car or other vehicle in a safe and ecologically friendly way..


AAA Carbody Removal pays Cash for Cars

Have the body of

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The Music Spot

Serving All Musicians in Logan and Beyond

129 Browns Plains Road,
Browns Plains QLD 4118
(07) 3800 5229

A leading Local Business

For well over 21 years our reputation for great products and service has been second to none

When you deal with us you can be

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Browns Plains Hardware

Hardware Store in Browns Plains
Address: 3/65 Grand Plaza Dr, Browns Plains QLD 4118
Phone:(07) 3800 3083

General Hardware and supplies to trade and retail.
Real advice and help with your hardware needs.

Support a family run business that has been established in Browns Plains for over

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Ask For The Sale

Ask for the Sale from the moment you meet.

Several years ago I read about a very wealthy American businessman who bought a multi million dollar insurance policy.
There’s a decent commission attached to that sort of policy.

One of his fellow Club Members was a successful and well to do Insurance Salesman and when he heard about the policy his nose was put somewhat out of joint.

When he asked “Why didn’t you buy from me?”

The reply was short and to the point.  “You didn’t ask me!”


Be Sales Subtle

I don’t mean bluntly demanding your customer to buy but I do mean sell from the start.

I do mean start with a successful selling attitude in the clear knowledge that your product or service will add value to yo0ur customer.

I do mean expect to gain the sale – after all you should have qualified the customer has the authority and means to buy.

You must keep your customer focussed on the sale and don’t get distracted.

Set yourself clear discussion boundaries and keep the dialogue withing those boundaries.
If you get outside them you will lose the sale.


You’ve probably heard of “trial closes”.

They do work because every time you get agreement the customer is one step closer to buying.

Every time you get a disagreement you learn that you haven’t answered a question.  Ask more questions and remove the obstacles or show why they are not deal breakers and that even with them the customer will be better off.

I’ve watched many salesmen over the years and seen many deals lost because they didn’t ask for the sale even though they used trial closes and had a great chance of helping the customer.

For many people asking for the money is taboo.

If you have a great product then asking for the sale and the money shouldn’t be a problem.

If you don’t the bloke next door with an inferior product probably will.


Selling is Serving

Selling is not about manipulating people to buy stuff they don’t want.  That’s unethical and just being a con-artist.

Selling is about delivering solutions to peoples problems with products and services that will help them.

Serve your customers and they will serve you more customers in return.

Increase Sales Turnover

How Many Ways Do You Know To Increase Sales Turnover $’s?

Have you ever wondered just how to get increased sales and more dollars flowing through your business?

Cash flow is the lifeblood of a business and without an increasing turnover many businesses struggle to grow.

Have you ever been there hoping the sales $’s come in just in time to pay the wages and rent or know someone who has?

It’s not a pretty place to be, uncomfortable and even frightening.

I know for many businesses there is a simple, although often feared, solution to increasing turnover and growing a better cash flow.

increase sales turnover

How to Increase Sales


There are  only four ways to increase turnover in a business.

What exactly is turnover?

Turnover is the amount of money generated by a business from its sale of goods and services.

The first way to increase turnover is to simply raise the price of your goods and services.

This can be a very challenging thought for many.

How do you feel about raising your prices?

Later you’ll see a tip that can make customers readily accept a higher price.

The amount of increase before your business starts to lose sales depends on your market and the price elasticity (that’s one of those nasty economics terms) of your product or service.  Basically it means how much your customers will accept price increases before they stop buying.

If you have a high demand product with little competition or potential for customers to substitute it for another then your price rises can be quite high and certainly will lead to increasing sales $’s through your door.

On the other hand if there is a lot of competition and alternative products or services that could be substituted for your offerings then your capacity to raise prices and increase turnover will be limited and challenging.

Modelling Price Increases Impact on Turnover

Before you jump in and start making changes to your prices you should model the impact on your sales.  We do this to be more comfortable turnover will increase (although nothing can be guaranteed) before testing and measuring.

This can be done using fairly simple spreadsheets and after gathering some market information (a bit of research)  you’ll be able to work out the appropriate assumptions to use in your model.

You’ll need a marketing strategy too.
How will you present this to your customers as being fair and even better value to them?
You don’t want to increase sales revenue at the long term cost to your business and reputation.

Drivers for this Strategy

Often the reason or driver to do this is to improve your business profitability making life a little easier for you.  Sometimes its driven by necessity to meet cash flow needs.  You achieve your goal because each unit sold has a higher Gross Profit  (or contribution margin) which helps pay off your overheads faster leaving more money in the kitty for you.  Sound good to you. Doesn’t it?

The contribution margin is the profit on each sale after deducting all direct costs of the sale and it is this margin that is applied to covering all indirect costs or overheads.
(See my YouTube Video Contribution Margin and Break Even Analysis)

Another reason may be to reduce demand if your productive capacity is being challenged.
This usually slows unit sales, if the price rise is high enough, while maintaining profitability.

That’s it for this post and in the next articles on Increasing Turnover we’ll look at more challenging and sophisticated ways to increase turnover in a business.

If you’ve found this interesting please share it with your friends and associates who might also benefit.

Think about it. Is it better to share this piece and pieces like this than to discover later that someone you know could have used the information?

If you have ideas about increasing turnover, getting your sales dollars up, then add some comments too.

Oh just one final thing
You might find it easier to raise your prices than you think by using some marketing triggers to give your products and service a premium value in the market and, by now, I hope you feel I can help you with that so why not Contact me for a chat.

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